Marco Prandoni


Born on 30 september 1966, a graduate in Business Management from Milano Bocconi University in 1990.

Marco gathered experience in management during his first years at Procter and Gamble (consumer goods) in Holland and Ireland, working in the financial team in charge of budgeting and margin-analysis and evaluation of new product launches in the Health and Beauty Care division (Shampoos, Men’s toiletries, Skin-care creams, etc). Always in touch with the top management in marketing and sales, to make financially sound decisions about brands and business, in the various geographical marketing areas.

He then returned to Italy in 1993 to work in his family business (active since many decades in industrial textile ennobling, printing and finishing of furnishing fabrics). As a MD in the family business (Nemesis SRL), while implementing skills as obtained during studies and first years of work at P&G, he could:

  • grow the business and open new markets (from 6 to 32 Mn Eu of turnover within 7 years)
  • confer it to a UK listed group (Leeds Group plc, about 116 Mn Eu turnover), thus becoming member in charge of marketing in the 4-people excecutive committe of the same group
  • gain a lot of experience in international deals and financial matters, while opening new roads to ready-made products marketing and manufacturing.

Since 2000 to 2007 he extensively travelled throughout all Europe to build markets, while also travelling extensively to Russia and East Europe to organize manufacturing units and logistic centers, always looking for the right marketing positioning (branding, licensing, packaging, etc) for the products he got involved with.

While getting involved in many areas in textiles Marco was also exposed to many other business-sectors:

  • design objects
  • furnishing (garden and home interiors)
  • motorbike sector and accessories
  • tourism

and many others, through various initiatives, consultancies, JV contracts and partnerships.

All this was always done in partnership with primary companies and key-people, in many market-segments, and in all sales-channels, from large distributors to mail-order business, from individual retailers to growing web-sales, to the fidelity-rewards business, etc.

Very active in sourcing from India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Sri lanka, since 1990, Marco has since built a very strong network of good relations with primary partners and company-owners and managers in that area of the world.

In 2011 Marco set up his own Consulting Firm, active in: