Strategic consultancy & International M&A

Strategic consultancy & International M&A

Strategic consultancy & International M&A

With more than 25 years’ experience – and based on our long-established contacts between Indian and European companies and primary trade- partners in both emispheres - at CAMAL we decided in 2012 to develop our strategic consulting division by joining hands with PROTECH, a leading Indian Consulting firm located in Noida-Delhi, owned and managed by Mr Ravindra Singh. The aim is to help European and Soth East Asian entrepreneurs and managers to build relations with each other and to build value while creating JV's and making M&A deals where:

  • the European technical know-how, combined with good design and marketing skills can help the South East Asian businesses to manufacture nicer quality products, to be offered to their current markets;
  • the European partner can become a good help to distribute into Europe all products manufactured from South East Asia;
  • the contacts and skills of Camal & Protech can help South East Asian companies to gain access to brands and licences to be distributed on their markets.

We have an excellent understanding of the European markets as well as of the various European Countries and cultures, combined with a thorough knowledge of all aspects of industrial, marketing, distribution, legal and economical and tax related issues in Europe (both West and East Europe).

We have our own offices in India and Europe where our qualified and competent professionals understand the needs, the languages, the regional cultures and the local ways of doing business, as well as have the necessary comprehension of mindset, requirement and expectations of European businessmen.

Widely recognized by our customers as being a reliable, competent, professional partner, we assisted a large number of European companies setting up their 100% owned company in India and we also facilitated a large number of joint-ventures and strategic business alliances between Indian and Eropean companies

Main sectors of activity :

Fashion and textiles, including home-textiles

Furnishing and design, objects and accessories

Automotive sector

Industrial Machineries